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  • Special Children, Special Parents -- A 3-hr workshop for parents of children with special needs: This is a workshop for parents of children with special needs (including, but not limited to: Autism, ADHD, learning/language delays/disorders, Intellectual Disability). The group focuses on family life, family relationships, and the social-emotional needs of parents.   Parents leave with new information, ideas and understanding about: 

    • recurring themes when raising a special needs child

    • parenting practices and positive co-parenting

    • navigating and managing family relationships

    • working with agencies and schools

    • developing self-reflection and self-care

The goal of the workshop is to help build family resilience, assist parents in taking time for their own needs, gain support and enhance parenting knowledge, awareness and confidence. The workshop does not focus on any specific age or disability, but rather the impact a special needs child has on parenting and family life. This group was originally developed by The Ackerman Institute for the Family. 

Next Workshop: TBD

  • Upcoming events: 

    • Murky Waters: Navigating Special Education in the NYC Department of Education (Date TBD) ​

To find out about any future events CONTACT ME 

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