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I provide group interventions for children and adults. Groups are listed below. Please contact me if interested in finding out more about these services.

  • Social Group for Kids: For various reasons some kids have a hard time with social interactions. They may have trouble knowing how to start talking to others, reading social cues, understanding their own behavior and its impact on social interactions and problem solving when conflict arises. They may interrupt, speak or do without thinking, have big reactions to seemingly small issues and overall have a hard time making and keeping friends. This group focuses on helping kids who have social challenges due to developmental or emotional disabilities (i.e. ADHD, Autism (HF), anxiety, Social Communication Disorder).  We focus on developing self-awareness, problem solving skills, perspective taking and thinking socially.  We work on developing greater self-regulation and more expected social behaviors.  The group includes parent only sessions to discuss, understand and help you to better address your child's needs.  

Group sessions are not currently being offered -- Please contact me about future services 

      Call Today for More Information. 

  • Parent Support Group -- Special Needs: Parenting can be lonely. Parenting a child with special needs may make a person feel like no one truly understands. That is not the case - there are many parents of special needs children looking to connect with others! This is a monthly support group for parents of special needs children. This group is a place to hear from others, learn about services and advocacy and vent, cry or laugh about the challenges and the amazement that comes with parenting and loving a special needs child. 

Group sessions will resume in the near future -- Call for more details


Contact me for more information. 

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