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Initial appointment for Adults: This appointment will be about you. It is your time to talk about your concerns and the hopes you have in seeking and finding support. Sessions will be held for 45 minutes. 


Initial appointments for Children and Families: Our first appointment will focus on gathering information about you, your child, and your family as we begin to discuss and formulate a therapeutic plan. This appointment will typically last 75 - 90 minutes. Sessions that follow will be held for 30 or 45 minutes.


Evaluations: There may be times when your family or you are told that you need a Psychosocial Evaluation. These evaluations collect information about your medical and family history as well as any current stressors you may be managing. Please contact me with questions related to length of time and fees. 


Educational and/or Behavior Consultations: If you have questions about your child's evaluations, IEP or school services I can meet with you to discuss your concerns, explain what things mean, review what is happening and discuss your options.

There may times a parent seeks behavioral support, but does not feel that ongoing treatment is needed. I can consult with you to review your current tactics and collaborate on a plan for how you may better approach your child's behavior or current challenges.  Please contact me with questions related to length of time and fees. 



Sessions are provided in my Astoria office or by Telehealth.


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