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All individuals deal with anxiety at times. All individuals feel down at times. For some these feelings flow just under the surface in a manageable way. For others these feelings are more overwhelming and deeply impact their day to day or week to week activities, interactions with others and their ability to function in a happy and productive way. My goal is to help you develop coping strategies and self-care skills, find the support you need and ultimately feel better and more confident as you go through life.


Children & Families

All children present with some behavioral challenges. The question is how much these behaviors impact their social/family interactions, learning and overall development.  Just like adults, children, particularly those with learning differences or developmental delays, may experience periods of anxiety, low self-esteem and depression. They can have difficulty identifying and talking about their feelings, as well as engaging with others. I provide a safe space for kids to help them reach certain goals. Goals may include: 

  • verbalizing feelings and venting frustrations

  • processing life events

  • developing self-awareness and self-reflection

  • increasing self-esteem

  • developing coping strategies 

  • developing social skills and awareness 

When a child is in treatment with me the whole family is in treatment. I help parents better understand what is happening with their child in order to feel less frustrated with and less worried for them. I help parents find better ways to approach difficult behaviors and to meet their child's needs. For children with behavior challenges my approach varies based on the child’s presentation and needs as well as what is happening in their life. My approach is strengths based and while I am emotionally supportive I am action driven and focus on positive change/rewards over punishments.

(Service directly with children is for children aged 8 years and up. Parent training/support is provided to any parent(s) regardless of child's age.) 



Becoming a parent is a joyful event, but it can come with challenges. Challenges like:

  • financial stress

  • marital stress/conflict

  • co-parenting conflicts

  • feelings of isolation

  • feelings of self-doubt

  • feelings of frustrations and being overwhelmed

I have worked with thousands of parents over the years and they all typically want two things: for their children to be all right and to know that they are doing a good job as a parent. I am here to help you feel supported, increase your self-confidence, decrease your stress and find ways to cope with the challenges that come along with the joys of parenting.


When needed, referrals for medication assessment and management can be provided.


Contact me for more information. 



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