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Consultation & Parent Support  

NYC School System

When a child needs special education services in school it should be a simple process, but it often is not. Instead it feels overwhelming, confusing and full of roadblocks. If you don’t know your rights as a parent you cannot be your child’s best advocate. Much of my work has been with children who qualify for or receive special education services. I can help you understand and navigate this system; better understand the language and meaning of your child's evaluations and services; and help you work towards getting what your child needs and what to do when it seems like an impossible task.


Learning & Developmental Disabilities/Delays

Living with a disability or raising a child with a disability is a special thing, though it may not always feel special. These individuals and families are exceedingly resilient, but may never see or think this about themselves. Feelings about the disability and the individual can be all over the place on any given day – ALL of these feelings are okay. They are normal and human. I have the knowledge and experience to get you through the lows and to find the highs of living with disability in your life. I also have the knowledge to help you find and access services that may be beneficial to you and your family.

Parent Support & Training 

Being a parent is hard. Children don't come with directions or manuals. They will push their parents' buttons. They will test limits. They will give you more love than you ever imagined and more frustration too. As much as you love them, you may not always like your child. You may find yourself questioning your parenting choices and/or your reactions to certain behaviors or interactions.  Understanding different ways to respond and to approach your child and their behavior can be challenging, tedious and draining.  I can help you better understand your reactions and improve your responses. I can help you better understand your child and yourself as a parent so you can keep your family working as a team with a positive and realistic approach.

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