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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Therapy all about? Therapy is about what you make it about and people seek out therapy for a wide variety of reasons. Basically therapy is for you to talk about your needs, your pain or your struggles, and to work on developing understanding, solutions and coping strategies with someone who is non-judgmental and supportive of who you are now and who you may want to be. 

How long does therapy take? The answer to this will vary based on an individual's and/or family's needs. There are many people who enter therapy for a short time due to a crisis or if feeling particularly challenged. They address the issue, feel better and more secure and then leave therapy. There are others who continue seeing a therapist for years - at times on and off - because of ongoing difficulties or a desire for a consistent support system and caring relationship. 

What should I expect? Expect to talk -- about whatever you want to talk about. I am there to listen and to ask important questions or make observations that help you to reflect on situations and relationships. I’m also there to help you work towards your goals and assist you in developing strategies to reach them. If working with a family I may at times serve as a mediator (particularly if things gets tense) and sometimes as an interpreter to help everyone truly hear one another and communicate in meaningful ways. When working with parents on parent training I may seem more like a coach offering suggestions on new or varied approaches for challenging behaviors, and also working as a support for you. When I work with kids things may get loud! It sounds like fun and games, but there's a lot happening within that play and a lot of learning and healing taking place. 


I am not currently an In-Network provider with any insurance plans. Although I do not accept insurance some clients are able to use their “out-of-network” insurance benefits to cover the costs of therapy. Using "out of network" coverage means you initially pay me out of pocket but then submit documentation (that I will provide) for reimbursement from your insurance company. Although it is unlikely that the cost of your entire visit will be covered there are many plans that offer reimbursements of 60-75% of the cost of service. Call your insurance provider to verify if you have out-of-network benefits. Important questions to ask your insurance provider:

  • Do I have out-of-network benefits for mental health services? Do these cover services provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the R privilege?

  • What is the deductible I need to meet before I begin getting reimbursed? 

  • What percentage of my payment will be reimbursed? 

  • How do I submit out-of-network claims?

I am happy to provide you with a receipt/documentation for my services, which you can then submit to your insurance company. 


All fees are due at the time of session unless alternative arrangements are made. I accept cash, credit, personal check or Paypal payments. 

My fees are stable. I will always tell you about any changes. Services with me are provided on a session by session basis, which means you choose to continue or end services with me at any point in time. This is entirely up to you. The total amount you may owe will be the number of sessions x the price per session (see fees below). The length of treatment cannot be predicted.  

Individual sessions are $160. 

Family or couple sessions (45-60 minutes) are $185. 

Initial intake appointment (for children only) is $275.  This fee relates to a one time session that involves completing any document review, a developmental history, discussion of current concerns and approaches, along with meeting the child. This appointment may be 60-90 minutes or more if needed. 


Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please notify me as soon as possible. When less than 24 hours notice is given to cancel or reschedule you are responsible for paying the full amount of your session. Thank you for respecting the time we have both set aside for you. 

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